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Creator Of C Programming :: Denis Mac Elister Reche.

Creator Of C Programming :: Denis Mac Elister Reche

Creator Of C Programming  :: Denis Mac Elister Reche.

Denis Mac Elister Richi is the creator of the programming language “ C ”. On the 9th September 1941, Denis Richi was bon in the NewYork city. C programming language was produced by this great scientist. Denis Richi & Brian Carnign accordingly was published the Book The “ C Programming language ” also, remind that this book is called the great book for C  Programming language. Denis Richi is the co – organizer of the UNIX operating System. LINUX, Solaris, BSD, MaC OSX, etc, operating system was came from the inspiration of the UNIX operating system.

On 12 October, 2011, this Great Computer Scientist Denis Reche was left from the world. Denis Reche was achieved the Higher Degree & Ph.D from Harvard University. His many creativity software architect system was change the way of software engineering system. on 1983, Reche was got the Nobel on Computer System for the basic idea of Operating System & UNIX operating system. also, he was achieved IEEE Richard W Haming Honor  for the creating of C & UNIX system, in 1990. On 1998, Reche was got the America (United States of America’s ) higher Honor “ National Scientist Award ” Dennis_MacAlistair_Ritchie