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Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion

Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion:: Theoretical Research Project

First, I like to discuss about the three issues’ that

Mobile Robot Motion is a path planning and intelligent control basis an autonomous (independent, self-ruling) robot which should move safely in partially structured environment. Here, I would like to describe about solving the motion-planning problem in mobile robot control using neural networks – based technique.

A collision – free path method construction of the Robot for a moving robot among obstacles is based on two neural networks.

The first task is that the Neural Network is used to determine the

  • free ” space using ultrasound range finder data.

The second task that neural network is used to

  • finds ” a safe direction for the next robot section of the path in the workspace, while avoiding the nearest obstacle / barrier or problem. Simulation examples of generating path with proposed techniques will be presented.
Discussion Part
1. Introduction
2. Neural Networks In Robotics
3. The Proposed Approach 
3.1. The Basic Motion Planning Problem
3.2. Environment Representation
3.3. Motion Planning Algorithm
4. Principles Of Proposed Algorithm
4.1. The Find Space Problem Using Neural Network
4.2. Solving The Findpath Problem
4.3. Realization Of The Proposed Algorithm
5. Simulation Results
6. Conclusion
Note: Next I will try to publish the whole project in my blog. Anyone can use this Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion Theoretical basis project for the case studies