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Slingbox :: Control Your TV from anywhere

Slingbox :: Control Your TV from anywhere, Watch TV From Any Place

Slingbox 500/SlingTV is ideal for anyone looking for a full smart entertainment solution, at home and on the go.

Slingbox grants instant access to live sporting events without blackouts, and time-sensitive breaking national or local news. Slingbox makes it simple to access your live and recorded shows, movies and sports. Whether in the home or on the go, with a Slingbox device connected at home and Slingplayer on your mobile device, you’re in control of your TV experience.


Don’t get fooled by “Big Cable”.
You’ve probably heard some of these recently: “Watch your games live!”, “See the latest shows on the road!” Maybe even “Watch your channel live with this app!” We hate to burst your bubble, but the cable companies aren’t telling you the whole truth. Only Slingbox can deliver every bit of content from your TV to any of your internet connected devices