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Driver Distraction Management System

Driver Distraction Management System | Bangladesh

Driver Distraction Management System came in Bangladesh. BRTC declared to use this amazing Technology for Save life. Researchers from Dhaka University, Bangladesh has come up with a really Cool Innovation.

The system almost control everything of a Driver : facial expressions, blood pressure, heart rate, drowsiness, consumption of alchohol, cellphone chatter of the driver and also the engine status. Driver Distraction Management System – will alert the driver. Moreover, the VEHICLE Owner will be getting a notification SMS as well. In case the car falls into an accident. So, you can monitor Your VEHICLE all the time. It would take only about BDT 20-25,000/- cost at most.

A digital Sphygmomanometerr, GPS, some sensors, webcam and some unique algorithms – these are the key ingredients of this unique gadget.

Very recently, Dr. Razzaque introduced the device to various academician, transport service owners and government officials in seminar held in Dhaka University. Chief Guest of the workshop, honorable secretary ICT found the device really inspiring and assured that the project will be having full cooperation from his side to implement a commercial version of the device. Already Shohag Paribahan has started to deploy these devices on test basis.  Let’s hope the streets of the country get a bit safer than before.