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Difference between ASP and ASP.NET

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. While, ASPX is the acronym of Active Server Pages Extended. Both are used to create dynamic web pages. ASP (ASP Classic) uses vbscript for its code. While, ASP.NET allows you to use C#, VB.NET and other languages. ASP.NET gives you access to all the tools which come with the .NET framework and allows you to write object-oriented code.

.NET is a framework (such as a library) developed by Microsoft. C#, J#, and VB.NET are the main scripting languages for communicating with .NET. ASP.NET is a Markup Language that runs on the server side. It generates xml / html / xHTML even further, to the user. In many ways one can compare ASP.NET, with WinForms. Then there is a way to visually show something to the user.

Classical ASP had no mechanism of running itself on non- Microsoft technology platforms like the Apache Web Server as it just needs IIS (Internet Information Services). However, ASP.NET could run on non-Microsoft Platforms. Cassini is a sample Web server produced by Microsoft which, among other projects, has been used to host ASP.NET with Apache.

Multi Language Support in WebPage:

In ASP, only two languages were available for scripting. These languages are VBScript and Jscript/Javascript. But, in ASP.NET we are no longer constrained to the two scripting languages available in traditional ASP. This means that any fully compliant .NET language can now be used with ASP.NET, including C# and VB.NET.

Web pages created with ASP use .asp as their file extension. Whereas, pages created with ASP.NET have an extension of .aspx.
Microsoft Visual Studio is so far the most robust Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for developing .Net Applications.

Note :– (C# and VB.Net are both server Side languages.)