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CamCard | Business Card


CamCard | Business Card

CamCard is a professional Business Card Reader.

Take a picture of any business card with phone camera, the contact information can be recognized and saved in Card Holder automatically. You can easily edit, sort and search all cards in Card Holder. With registration, you are able to sync contacts across Smartphones, tablets, PCs and the cloud in real-time.

  • Scan and recognize business cards with the camera
  • Detect card orientation and auto-rotate to the right orientation
  • Auto crop image and enhance image quality
  • Detect the language on business cards
  • Edit and manage contacts: sort, group, search
  • Add note/ card backside image
  • Save contacts to People Hub/ Card Holder
  • Pin contacts to Start to access your VIPs with just a tap
  • Send email, browse the website and locate address from contact detail page
  • Automatically back up to the cloud and never worry about losing data
  • Sync data across different devices automatically and manage your contacts on any of them or on
  • Recognize 16 languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish.

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