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Dirty and Dust Carrier Bus 

Dirty and Dust Carrier Bus of the City Gazipur located Bangladesh

People and friends can tell that why publishing this picture.

It’s a model frame of Digital Development of a City.

Uncountable billboard of the people and candidates of the political party. This political party representative person always trying to show down their face development, but fail to show and focus the development of the City Gazipur.

Everywhere so much dust, overflow drainage water, damage road everywhere into Gazipur city. But, the current political party AL of Bangladesh always shouted that they make a development nice city.

But, the current ruling party’s major leaders failure to buy some new garbage recycling system truck for bear city’s dust.

Dirty and Dust Carrier truck run on the road, but all of those carrier truck back side fully open that always flew more dirty things as well as fall many dust on the road, beside spreading most dirty smell, which is harmful for the people.