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Fleksy Predictive Keyboard

Fleksy Predictive Keyboard | Android & iOS

Fleksy Predictive Keyboard for Android exits beta, Multilingual Support and iOS Integration in the Pipeline

Now, everywhere technology is going to update, so why rest the Keyboard. Now, more technologist, Computer Scientist tries to develop the Keyboard technology.feat3feat2Fleksy-beauty

Almost a year after it made its debut, Syntellia’s Fleksy keyboard for Android is finally out of beta.

It actually arrived on Google Play six months ago, but was only available to those who joined the company’s Google+ community as testers. Now anyone who wants to use Fleksy’s predictive keyboard can go ahead and download it from Google Play — it’s free to try for the first 30 days, after which you’ll need to fork over $3.99 for continued use. That doesn’t mean Syntellia’s done improving it however; it’ll continue to keep the beta app alive for testing purposes. But the Apple iOS users can download free the Fleksy Keyboard from the iTunes.

In fact, it rolled out a new update to the beta today that adds multiple language support.


Fleksy 2.0 for the iPhone completely revamped engine that promises better responsiveness, a new user interface that matches iOS 7, additional keyboard – hiding gestures, plenty of bug fixes and more. According to Fleksy founder Ioannis Verdelis, these changes are in preparation of the company’s SDK launch with app partners that could result in users being able to replace the standard iOS keyboard, a huge first on Apple’s mobile platform.

Revolutionary Technology || Fleksy is an application that replaces your device’s on–screen keyboard.
Tap – Typing Reinvented ||

Fleksy uses the familiar QWERTY layout, coupled with the most powerful, patent pending text prediction engine. It features an auto-correct engine powerful enough to work, even when you are not looking at the screen!

Android and iPhone Users Can download this modern Keyboard from Flesky web ::