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Good Software Attributes

Good Software Attributes

Attributes that mean properties as well as how you can define the jobs of software. Attributes define the quality. In the software engineering, a good software attributes the heart of the computer. To be an expert in the field of computer science requires an in-depth knowledge of the software.

What is it ? How does it work? How is it created? How does it interact with the computer? What makes one piece of software superior to another piece?

The software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable and acceptable.


Software must evolve to meet changing needs;  Measuring and monitoring maintainability is a must for mission-critical applications where change is driven by tight time to market schedules and where it is important for IT to remain responsive to business-driven changes. It is also essential to keep maintenance costs under control.


Software must be trustworthy and high proficiency.


Software should not make wasteful use of system resources. The source code and software developed attributes are the elements that ensure high performance once the application is in run-time mode.  does the software make good use of its resources (memory, disk, CPU, network)?

Security :

A measure of the likelihood of potential security breaches due to poor coding practices and architecture. This quantifies the risk of encountering critical vulnerabilities that damage the business. does the software protect the information it is responsible for?


Software must be accepted by the users for which it was designed. This means it must be understandable, usable and compatible with other systems.

Portability :

Can the software to easily ported (moved) to another operating system. Some software is portable that can bear in the flash disk  and do works into another operating system.