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শেষ বিকেলের মত উদাসী হয়ে যাই আমি…

শেষ বিকেলের মত উদাসী হয়ে যাই আমি…
হয় নাই আর বলা কথা, হয় নাই আর দেখা… তাই আমি আজও একলা।
সাথে আছে শুধু – আমার মহান সৃষ্টিকর্তা…

আবার সকালের তেজে উদ্দীপ্ত সূর্যের মত হয়ে যাই আমি উজ্জ্বল আলোকিত…

—  Rezwan Ahmed | Dhaka | Road#32, Dhanmondi

Photo.Archive © by Rezwan Ahmed Photography 2015 |




Dhaka’s first Metro Design by John_McAslan_Architecture Firm

British architecture firm John McAslan and his Partners has won an international competition to get the chance of designing Bangladesh capital Dhaka’s first metro line which will stretch 12 Miles across the City and likely to be operational by 2022

The firm will design sixteen elevated stations for the over-head line, which is a part of $3 billion plan to improve the infrastructure of the capital.

The 12 mile metro line will communicate the residential north part of the city with the business hub southern part. Hiro Aso, director of the firm ruled the system as ‘a significant new infrastructure system for Dhaka’.


They have published a demo design version of some parts of the metro that showed elevated train tracks supported on a series of piloti. White perforated canopies arch over the tracks to let trains pass through the middle and provide cover for the station platforms are also seen. The canopies are designed with ample gaps to allow the light to illuminate the tunnel like structure below in rumination of Islamic architecture. White elevator shafts and stairwells connect the station platforms to the ground.

“The line will form connections between areas of Dhaka in support of the wider urban strategy of decentralisation of urban activities and population from the centre to satellite communities,” said a statement from John McAslan + Partners.

The whole project is expected to be fully operational by 2022 and to serve 500,000 a day by 2015.

Source :: Newsnextbd.com/nr


Save Dhaka from Developers and Construction Company

In our country,
Construction Company as well as Developers told they are building high-rise buildings for peoples, watch a dream that they make a nice city for the young generation, but they destroy many rivers, lots of nice forests, grab many people land and after all destroy the natural view of Dhaka city.

But those Construction Company or Developers cannot take a challenge to build an entertainment city, forest area for the people, the current generation of Bangladesh.

The late night Dhaka is very beautiful for amazing light and natural environments, but the problem is boost traffic jam at Dhaka City as well as lost many important time. But, Now, the current generation makes entertainment by their self idea.

9669017970_17646e69fc_bIMAG0270IMAG0609 - all rights reserved By ReZwan Ahmed Photography 2014 October Dhaka



Clean Dhaka. Cool Dhaka | Dhaka my City

Clean Dhaka. Cool Dhaka

People can enjoy a breath of winter cold air, beside watch the Natural Beauty, nice outlook of Hatir Jheel, located nearby Rampura, Dhaka, Capital city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is a Panoramic city and my lovely home ground as well as the capital city of Bangladesh, among the world. I was born in this Panoramic city.

Last October 2013, when I came back from a foreign country after long years, then with my Nikon, I have captured some from different places of Dhaka. My Dhaka is a nice city, maybe lots of traffic jams, large population city and lack of some opportunity from the foreign countries but Dhaka is my nice capital city, enjoying each evening day..every morning.

One day our Dhaka, Bangladesh will be famous city in the Asia and the world.

IMAG0270hathir jheel IMAG0378 IMAG0468

Stop this type of regular awful activities.
In our Dhaka, many Educated people do this type of activities. Today, I captured this at morning.cleaning

Dhaka is a nice mega city of Bangladesh in Asia region. I love my Dhaka.
I assume that if you don’t change your Manner, neither should be clean the City. It’s your responsibility that stays clean our Dhaka city. When many people go to a foreign country, they don’t do this…
So, Why you will do this in the Home Country. Love Dhaka. !!!