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Research Project :: Leading Following Team Dynamics

POST ASSESSMENT :: Leading Following Team Dynamics

I would like to express my unit convenor Jay Hays, who has supported me immensely during the research, was always there for questions, helped facing bitter truths and showed me the effectiveness of the e-mail communication and some suggestion.

This paper I wrote from my experience and study works. Last time I achieved more idea as well as gathered enhanced knowledge from the class works, team activities. I am doing hard labour for this paper that may I give the proper information. It was so much difficult to me that gave all information appropriately for each section. But, I am trying to give all information appropriately.

Particularly, I would like to give thanks to Dr. Jay Hays. I feel too much glad from his lecture, class and the unit Leading, Following and Team Dynamics. Therefore, I have gathered more information from his unit and I hope that I shall able to apply that in my real life and my working place. Individually, I got sufficient cooperation from my unit coordinator Dr. Jay Hays.

In this post assessment, I provided every part with my little experience, case study and rest of class experience.

Interested Person will get full file in PDF format from here 

POST ASSESSMENT Leading Following Team Dynamics by REZWAN AHMED