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iPad Mini :: Apple’s tiny tablet

iPad Mini :: Apple’s tiny tablet

Apple’s forthcoming 7.85in tablet, expected to be launched at an event in October, will be named the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is expected to be launched in October at a separate event from the expected launch of the next-gen iPhone in September.

Previous rumours concerning the iPad Mini have suggested that it will cost around US$200, bringing it into the same price bracket as Google’s Nexus 7.

Easily can find out when iPhone 4 was assembled through serial number

How to find out when iPhone 4 was assembled through serial number

You can easily decode the iPhone4’s serial number and find out when the iPhone4 was assembled.
Here are the list of codes for iPhone4’s serial number:
UU :: Factory and Machine ID
V :: Year
WW :: Production Week
XXX :: Unique Identifier
YY :: Color (A4=black)
Z :: Size (S=16GB, T=32GB)