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ONLINE Shopping Business IDEA

ONLINE Shopping Business IDEA

Online shopping Business is the most suitable system and save enough time for the country people.

But, a very few month ago, some people always deception or cheat deception by using through Online Shopping from Bikroy (bikroy. com), and Cellbazar ( in Bangladesh. Also, some people harass as well as attack by some cheater and, finally loss their products. Sometimes, many criminal doing crimes with the innocent people through this online shopping.  But, not all, some online shopping company is good, most trusted near country people.ecommerce-website-development

In Bangladesh, many people have no idea about this online shopping business facility.

But actually, Online shopping indicates that user or customer buy or sell any product through using post at the Online Shopping Company from home or any place. By using online shopping, people can decide a suitable product for their usage. When people select any product by using Mouse click/or touch pad on a laptop, iPad through using internet technology. In the entire world, all Online shopping companies deliver, exchange selected product from customer to customer by their travel service. But, in Bangladesh, many online shopping companies do this reversely – customer when selects any product to buy or sell, then customers only going to any suitable place to change their product. Moreover, people fall and attack by terrorist. Many Non- IT people doing this Online Shopping business, thus they cannot provide a Strong Security for the customer.

Recently, many terrorist now got a chance to crime by using this opportunity – online shopping. But, the Online shopping company tries to alert and engage proper people for exchange their product. Government must need to apply sufficient strong law as well as take more action in this sector – Online Shopping Business. Otherwise, Online Shopping Company will be loss their trusted partner and valuable customer.