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INTERNET what is



The Internet is a computer network that interconnects hundreds of millions of computing devices throughout the world. We’ll use the public Internet, a specific computer network, as our principal vehicle for discussing computer networks and their protocols.

A Nuts-and-Bolts Description

Internet : Computing devices were primarily traditional desktop PCs, Linux workstations, and so-called servers that store and transmit information such as Web pages and e-mail messages. Increasingly, however, nontraditional Internet end systems such as laptop, Smartphone, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles, Web cams, automobiles, environmental sensing devices, picture frames, and home electrical and security systems are being connected to the Internet.

Indeed, the term computer network is beginning to sound a bit dated, given the many nontraditional devices that are being hooked up to the Internet. In Internet language, all of these devices are called hosts or end systems.