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USB Connector Type – C

USB Connector Type – C

It was announced in April and the connector was supposed to be finalized and revealed in July, but nothing has been heard from it every since.

Type-C connector and the USB 3.1 standard is the technology I’m most interested and excited about right now, followed by H.265, Wigig, SATA Express, DDR4 and super efficient, yet powerful ARM and Intel CPUs.
It’s supposed to be:

  • About the size of microUSB
  • Reversible and sturdy like Lightning
  • Nice click to it and tapered around the corners, like Lightning
  • Same plugs on both ends

If it’s really as they promised and takes off, it could replace USB Type-A, B, mini and micro, the hideous USB 3.0 micro-B.

USB 3.1 delivers 100W, so the connector could be adopted to power laptops, a universal charger. It’d also allow for much slimmer Ultrabooks and Laptops.

It could become THE connector and finally replace mini and micro USB to charge and connect various electronics; be it cameras, mice, keyboards, dashcams, even to charge quadcopters and other RC.