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Pohela falgun |Dhaka


Pohela falgun|Happy Spring 2014|Dhaka, Bangladesh


Happy Spring 2014 | Pohela falgun |Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pohela falgun is one of the most vibrate, enlighten cultural event for all over Bangladeshi people and young generation tradition in Bangladesh. Pohela falgun is our Bangladeshi cultural events. Last 3 years, I can’t participate to meet at this falgun for living abroad.

But Just a bit, after 3 years, today 14th february, 2014 – I can attended at this event and have a chance to go to Omor Ekushe Book fair as well as enjoying our Bangladeshi cultural events “ Pohela falgun ”.  Ekushey Book fair is called Omor

Ekushey Boi Mela. This book fair During the morning 11am. I and my father both are going to the omor ekushey book fair, near Bangla Academy Priemer, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After long years I went to this fair and felt too much happy. I have no intend to take any motor vehicle, just went to this fair by rickshaw, very famous vehicle in our Bangladesh. After a long time, I am enjoying the rickshaw travel with my father. Many couples enjoy their time with his/her nearest lovely person. Whatever, I’m unlucky that have no lover ha ha ha but thanks to allah my father stay with me, who is one best important person, who gave me too much inspiration.  I’m enjoying this moment with my father and went to the fair.

I saw some couples buy the book from fair, some couples bought flowers. Absolutely, there have lots of people come belongs their family member and enjoying the Pohlea falgun and Ekushey Book fair.