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Digital Communication Shutdown isn’t the answer and so Let’s Open Now

Digital Communication Shutdown isn’t the answer and so Let’s Open Now

It has been more than two weeks that the Young Generation of ‪#‎Bangladesh‬ is without Facebook as well as many social spaces.

Now the young Generation of the people as well as many people using Google plus for switched off by the instruction of the ruling party and The Republic People of Bangladesh Government.

Absolutely, wondering that The ruling party always told that they wants to apply Digital in Bangladesh but now they switched off the Voice of Young Generation of the Bangladesh.

 And that argument is flawed. Basically the reason to ask telcos and ISPs to restrict access to some sites was “to save lives. The recent post is that the Paris bombing, Belgium is facing heightened security alert. They shut down their schools and the subway train network, but not their communication network. West is actively engaging in a war with Daesh (also known as ISIS to the western media). That organisation uses the social media to spread hatred and recruit new members.
More people die in Bangladesh for the road accidents by senseless driving on the road that are avoidable than did seeing faceson the moon! So are we going to shut down the transport communication network till we get errant drivers off the road? Of course not, because that would have a huge impact on our everyday life and on the economy. But isn’t that what Digital Bangladesh is all about? Making the e-life an integral part of our day to day life?
Whatsapp and Viber have become essential business tools. From my experience that thousand organizations in Bangladesh use viber and whatsapp for their business communication, as well as using facebook for viewing their business product.
Absolutely, many small organizations have not enough money or fund to do run a website, so those small business firms using social spaces for their business. But, at right now their trending is going down for a ban on the Digital Communication.