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Dengue Session and follow different step against to Mosquito

Dengue Session and follow different step against to Mosquito

Why the Mosquito Prevented Coil local company stop their business at this time. It’s very saddest news.

We mango people while using this Mosquito Prevention coil, then the administration some culprits try to stop this local business by inspiring illegal company and gave a big opportunity to enter Indian Company into Bangladesh except tax. They always applying more tax on the country local companies but, same the higher tax not applying on the illegal mosquito company, who using very harmful elements.

The Administration of the Bangladesh section cannot monitor this section. The Administration people and two City Corporation NDCC, SDCC of Dhaka major 85% employee are corrupted, less skilled that addicted into only looted money from the citizen of Bangladesh. But, this 2 city corporation fully failed to stop destroy mosquito in the central city Dhaka.

Absolutely, confused that they always told that they’re walking on the development and spent huge money. But, why continue happening different style corruption.

Attention please follow some steps to far away from attacking into Dengue.

  • Remove and vanished all dust from the outside of your house.
  • Never store any water beside or inside of the Home, always keep surroundings clean to prevent dengue
  • Always uses good quality coil and aerosol for prevented mosquito. Better try to use the electric mosquito coil as like as ACI, Mortin.
  • Always open the window, beside remove curtain into one side that more sun light entry into room. During evening, switched on all light of the room.