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Starting A Business

Artists and Musician Can build their startup website by using Bandcamp Product

Artists and singers build their startup website by using this site – Bandcamp is an advanced level, such type of website that you can store any music in your webpage, post any label songs, store your song in any format, such as: digital, vinyl, compact disc, cassette.

Many singers and artists of Bangladesh using this website for their branding. Just touch and make your web by using this site –

But, if you cannot make, but interested to build this type weblink, then contact with my lab page

Personal Statement Writing Technique |

Moreover, people cannot write a personal Statement. But You can follow some techniques to write a personal statement

# Don’t copy anyone, or the Internet. This is good practice for university, where essays can be checked with anti-plagiarising software
# Don’t lie, even if you consider it “Just an exaggeration”
# If you are passionate about something, say so – don’t be afraid of sounding geeky
# Check your spellings – especially names which Spellcheck might miss
# Avoid clichés
# Get on with it!
# the dangers of applying for two different subjects at two different universities, and trying to make one personal statement fit both.
# Tutors reading the statements may well sniff this out.
# Postgraduate student points out. “ Writing a personal statement is, in some ways, an exercise in working out whether you have a real interest in your subject.” All the more reason to get on with it in good time.
# The first hard and fast rule of personal statement writing is not to lie.

If you want to get to know enough and details, you can visit to this link page::

Starting A Business || Follow-Up Some Rules

Starting A Business || Follow-Up Some Rules

Starting a business, so , you are ready to start your business venture. Great! Get off on the right track by following a few sample “DO’s” & “DON’Ts”   


DO limit your liability or legal responsible to your investment in your company by incorporating your business or organizing it as a limited liability company.

DO disclose everything to your Lawyer about your proposed business venture and past business experiences, both positive and negative.

DO discuss with your lawyer the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of business entities.

DO discuss with your lawyer the “Corporate formalities” to which you must adhere in order to preserve the limited liability afforded to you by virtue of having incorporated your business.

DO discuss with your lawyer the need for a detailed written buy-sell agreement with your business partners.

DO discuss with your lawyer the need for a written employee handbook and written employment agreements containing confidentiality [privacy]and non competition obligations if necessary.

DO talk to a tax professional and budget for taxes.

DO invest in technology.

DO prepare a detailed written business plan.

DO Join your local chamber of commerce, local civic organizations, trade groups and entrepreneur’s organizations.


DON’T make expensive office and furnishings a high priority unless you are in an “ image” business.

DON’T print your stationary, business cards and promotional materials until you have had a trademark. 

DON’T ask or permit your employees to breach confidentiality or non competition agreements with their previous employers.     

DON’T spend money required to be set aside for employee and other withholding taxes.  

DON’T put off buying insurance.

DON’T sign company contracts in your individual capacity. Rather, sign them on behalf of the company as an officer of the company.

Don’t put off buying insurance.      

Don’t give up 50% of your company investors in your first fundraising effort.