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Common Attachment Types and Extensions of Different File

Common Attachment Types and Extensions of Different File

There have different types of extension of various document. We have to need to know those format for our real digital life, where people working with file extension in office, education center, design house.

Common Attachment Types and Extensions (note that some of these extensions could be blocked if you try to send them via email)

Document Type      Extension

Microsoft Word    :  .doc or .docx
Microsoft Excel    :  .xls or .xlsx
Microsoft Power  : .ppt or .pps
Word Perfect        :  .wp
Text only               : .txt
Rich Text format : .rtf
Portable Document format : .pdf
GIF Graphics                         : .jpg
HTML files                             : .htm or .html
Self-extracting Archive        : .sea
Executable Files (Windows) : .exe (only open if you know what it is)
Visual Basic Script                  : .vbs (only open if you know what it is)