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Visual Studio 2013 & Visual Studio Blend

Visual Studio 2013 & Visual Studio Blend

Many people can ask – why we will learn high level programming Language – Visual Studio.Net or Visual Studio Community 2013. Because if anyone wants to build windows apps, you must need to learn Microsoft Visual Studio.Net from basic level to application and database management.

In the visual studio programming language, has 2 types environment for software develop, one is BLEND for Visual Studio.Net and another one is Visual Studio.

Blend is used for build Windows App store. But How

Actually Blend for Visual Studio Programming language using Blend for Visual Studio is a collection of design tools included with Visual Studio 2013 that you can use to visually build Windows Store apps built using JavaScript, VB, C#, or C++.

Blend is installed when you install Visual Studio. To locate Blend, type Blend in the Search box. For Windows Store apps built using VB, C#, or C++, Blend includes a suite of XAML tools that help you with tasks such as quickly applying styles to controls, creating and defining templates, and binding to sample data. For more information, see “Designing Windows Store apps.

With Blend, you can create a new Windows Store app by using one of the built-in HTML project templates, or open an existing Windows Store app that was created in Visual Studio.

You will achieve more knowledge about this BLEND For Visual Studio from here