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5G : 5th Generation or 5G Technology Will Save Your Time

5G : 5th Generation or 5G Technology Will Save Time

5th Generation or 5G Technology will deliver faster speeds and lower latency.
With 5G technology, movie downloads will decrease from 7 minutes to just 6 seconds. People will save 2 minutes and 20 seconds a day waiting for social media content to load, 7 minutes when downloading an HD movie, nearly 7 hours on large game downloads.

5G is like having high-powered Wi-Fi routers dispersed all over the city to function as the network nodes. So, your internet provider’s network will function more like your home network, but much faster.”

5G nodes can’t cover the same area as a cell tower but will transmit data at higher speeds. To make up for the reduced coverage area, companies will need to install more 5G nodes.