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Personal Statement Writing Technique |

Personal Statement Writing Technique |

Moreover, people cannot write a personal Statement. But You can follow some techniques to write a personal statement

# Don’t copy anyone, or the Internet. This is good practice for university, where essays can be checked with anti-plagiarising software
# Don’t lie, even if you consider it “Just an exaggeration”
# If you are passionate about something, say so – don’t be afraid of sounding geeky
# Check your spellings – especially names which Spellcheck might miss
# Avoid clichés
# Get on with it!
# the dangers of applying for two different subjects at two different universities, and trying to make one personal statement fit both.
# Tutors reading the statements may well sniff this out.
# Postgraduate student points out. “ Writing a personal statement is, in some ways, an exercise in working out whether you have a real interest in your subject.” All the more reason to get on with it in good time.
# The first hard and fast rule of personal statement writing is not to lie.

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