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Creator Of OPERA Browser ::

Creator Of OPERA Browser :: Stephenson Von Technarey   

PC Users & Cell Phone Users are so much like the browser OPERA & OPERA Mini. But who is the creator of this latest Application Soft. He is Stephenson Von Technarey. On 1997, Stephenson & His friend Gear accordingly was create the OPERA Browser. Stephenson first was proposed that he want to create an Uncommon But special Browser, which browser can work in Computer & Cell Phone, Smart Phone. Finally, they were got success. On 2004, OPERA Browser was earned the member of Oslo Stock Exchange. When Stephenson was created this browser, then stay in Norway Telecommunication Industry – Telenor. Telenor Company was doing marketing this Browser Application. For this Success, TELENOR give him (Stephenson) to the Position – CEO. On 1998, Stephenson was doing hardly work & analysis on OPERA MINI Web application for Smart Phone & Mobile Phone, that Users can easily browse in Cell Phone & Smart Phone. But on 5th January, 2010, Unfortunately, TELENOR was remove him (Stephenson) officially from the position “ CEO ” & give him the post advisor. That time Stephenson was got so much shocked that’s why He left from TELENOR.