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INTEL Inside

INTEL INSIDE                                                               

Industry : Semiconductor,

Established Time  : July 16, 1968.

Founder : Physician Robert Noyce & Chemistries Gordon Moore.  

Details ::    

Name :: Physician Robert Noyce & Chemistries Gorden Moore was built “Intel” on 18th July, 1968. At first the Company Brand Name was “ More Noyce” but this word show the full meaning “ More Noise”, that’s why that time change the name as NM Electronics. At a later time, again change the company name as Intel & stay in this Brand name. “Intel” full name is “ Integrated Electronics ” which meaning is Combination Electricity.

Dress Of Intel Factory ::

INTEL Corporation was established their “ Silicon Chip Clean Room ” in a specific special area. CLEAN ROOM means where develop software freshly or without error. In this “ CLEAN ROOM ” all IT specialist wear dress up a specific dress “BUNNY SUITE”. Intel Corporation’s all scientists wear this type dress for safety of the Small Wheel or The Silicon Disk. From 1973, this dress “ BUNNY SUITE ” is the official dress for the “ Intel Clean Room ”

Spaces Of Intel Corporation ::

Intel Clean Room space is same as ¾ football play ground. So, that space is so much large area. In this Clean Room, use Mono Rail for bear the Silicon Disk from one place to another, which road distance is 3 miles or 4 miles about.

Intel In Watch ::                         

Intel at first 1976, start their business by establish of machine watch.

Single Board Computer ::

In 1976, Intel was first established their Single Board Computer ISBC 80/10.

Transistor ::

Intel was use 2, 300 transistors in their first Processor – “Intel 4004 Processor”. But In this New Generation or 3rd Generation, Intel uses 200 Core transistors in their processor “ Intel Core Series”.

Intel Inside ::

On 1991, Chip Joint Company Intel Corporation start their Brand Campaign name as “Intel Inside ”

Intel Museum ::

Chip Joint company Intel Inside has a special museum. Intel Inside was build up this museum by their own property & cash money. Each year, more than 80 thousand visitors visit in this “Intel Museum”