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Easily you can install Linux UBUNTU ::

Easily you can install Linux UBUNTU

Some PC users think that Linux Operating System Installation step is very critical but not, it is easy.

For this, at first you entry in the BIOS or CE-MOS Select First Boot-able device is CD ROM or DVD-ROM. Then insert UBUNTU Linux CD in the CD/DVD-ROM.

When start your desktop PC, laptop, then you will see the window & select Install UBUNTU, Press enter option of your keyboard.

UBUNTU Installed In Six (6) Step.

  • At First, select language, which language format you want to use. example :  you can select language English.
  • Secondly, select the place; [example Place: Dhaka] & Click Forward Button.
  • Thirdly, select the Layout Of Keyboard & Click Forward Button.
  • Finally, you write The User Full Name & Information.

If your system use in “ Dhaka ” Please write of User Id & Password.

Carefully see, same Password type beside two – address box. Next, you will enter the Next Step By Forward.
This step is more important, so carefully complete everything.

Next, select ” Manually Edit Partition” option & enter Forward Button. Now, your computer system show all disk partition. Now you want to install UBUNTU in your chosen drive, that drive space will be maximum 5 GB. Do Re-size the drive by 5 GB, then create a unallocated space. Again you will be right-click the unallocated space and select the Option “ NEW ”. Now you can select the Linux File System Ent 3. This new drive choice as like “ / ” drive.

Now, you can click on the Rest of Unallocated space and select new option. Again, select the Space, then twice & mention SWAP. Next, you can see the result of all changes & show the drive which want to format.

finally, complete the setup process of UBUNTU Linux, then shut down the PC & start your PC.