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Education Culture of Bangladesh

Few years ago, there was a tradition in our education culture of Bangladesh that always trying to admit into reputed school, college. But; now still, many persons became successful for their hardest struggle, willing, gave more attention into study. Many reputed persons of Bangladesh came from village schools of Bangladesh and many unknown families.
Beside, many reputed persons finished their education from very simple school, or govt. school and college, University.
Last year, a school girl of the Viqarunnisa Noon School had died for the careless of parents and School class teachers.

What do you mean a successful person.
A successful person can achieve success through his struggle, good works and living in the society with respect.

First one thing is very needed to achieve success, that is praying to your Creator / Allaah / God.

Success is not all for a person, it’s a very important to lead the life with happy, healthy with his/her family and relatives.