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Creator of Mouse

 Creator of Mouse :: Douglas Engelbert ::

Mouse is an important hardware of the computer system because mouse can do work quickly in computer. However, American Scientist Douglas Engelbert was creating this Mouse .

On 9 December 1968, at first, Scientist Douglas  was used this Mouse in the Fall Joint Conference (FJCC) in the Augmentation Research Center of San-Francisco, United States Of America.  Moreover, 90 minutes, he & Stanford Research Center’s Scientists was given presentation to people the working responsibility of Mouse. That time mouse structure was made by a simple wood & that mouse had only one button. But on 1964, scientist Bill English was invention a prototype of the Mouse by the help of Scientist Engelbart. At a later time, on 1965, D. Zefh Ruliefson was joining with them.

On 1968, officially investiture / opening ceremony start of the Mouse. However, world widely was use of Mouse on the year 1981. Xerox Star Computer System firstly creates internationally Mouse & it starts use in worldwide.

Scientist Douglas never thinks about the Name of MOUSE. Yet, always he was doing more research about on this MOUSE. Also, he was trying to create specially this MOUSE by two button but finally he was saw that this Mouse look like as a Rat, that’s why the Scientist Douglas was given the name of this hardware “MOUSE”

Now, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Logitech, A4tech create more mouse by follow the design of Douglas. Also, in this new generation mouse is very standard level and you can find the wireless mouse.