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Acronyms :: Mobile, Desktop, Laptop Computing

AIX :: Advanced Inter-Active Executive

AIX that mean Advanced Inter-Active Executive. AIX is a version of Unix developed by IBM Corporation. AIX use in Different Enterprise Server for many & more Security facilities. This Application Diver Give more helpful to the System Administrator. Also AIX Given The Permission to the Administrator for Entry in CPU. Memory, Disk Other Item for Different Works. It operate in IBM 64 bit operating system & beside operate 32 Bit Operating System.

It also now support to operate LinuX Operating System & Java 2 based Software.


Call Detail Record system. This is the system that where record of A Voice Call or an SMS, with details such as origin, destination, duration, time of Day, amount charged for each CALL or msg. ROAMING Partner must share CDR for accurate inter operator Settlement.

GENERAL PACKET RADIO SERVICE. A packet – based mobile data service, mostly used to access e-mail & the internet from Mobile Phones.

Handset Internet :
Using mobile devices to access internet services such as Web pages, Web 2.0 applications, music downloads and video streaming whilst abroad.

Exchanging rich multimedia messages while abroad with other customers on GSM/3G networks at home or abroad.

Mobile Broadband :
Connecting Laptops via data cards or USB dongles to the internet to provide access to common applications such as e-mail, Web-browsers & company networks whilst abroad.

MO :
MO-Mobile Originated. Refers to any communication whether voice, messaging or data, that is initiated by a Mobile Phone.

Push E-Mail :
Reading and replying to e-mails while abroad, automatically ‘pushed’ to mobile devices such as Black-Berries, personal digital assistants and sophisticated mobile phones.