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Beware of Viruses and Security Threats !!!



Beware of Viruses & Security Threat!!!

Virus can do all sorts of nasty things, like stealing passwords, deleting files, or sending adverts from your account.

Web Criminals are just looking for a chance to take over your Facebook page, infect your smartphone with a virus, or steal account information. They really don’t care.

And No Age is Safe from Malware, when you’re on the Internet.

Make sure you have an Antivirus Software installed on your device & keep your Antivirus Software eyes Open that will protect you against most Internet threats.

Last time, our LAB does practical experience test on some antivirus product. Some of these major free Good Antivirus Softwares make you protect by using Less Memory, better Web Shield from threats, malware, spyware, email sacn (when read/write email, download file), web scam, block dangerous web site, web phishing, bot, pornography page, Social page link. like as a Firewall, etc.,

Some Good free Security suite you can use in your Notebook, Laptop, Desktop PC. Those are ..
:: AVAST free 5.0(,
:: PANDA (,
:: AVG free (,
:: COMODO Antivirus, COMODO Internet Security,
:: Microsoft Essential Security,
:: forticlient Endpoint Security (…/product_downloads.html).

Web Shield::web shield01

Web shield is the new elements of the Antivirus software.  Some major antivirus software has web shield, which works like as a firewall. All outgoing and incoming data pass through the firewall. Similarly, web shield scans your network’s all incoming – outgoing data, also system file access, mail information.



Private Browsing and Securely Surfing Web World

Everyone wants to surfing internet securely.
And the Private Browsing is the best policy.

Private Browsing is greater for secure browsing that no one, even any security organization cannot track your browsing, your online activity. User can use Private Browsing mood web surfacing through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

‪#‎Internet_Explorer‬ ::
Start the Private Browsing by Internet Explorer, select ‘Tools’ option, then go to Safety Option, select “InPrivateBrowsing.
‪#‎Google_Chrome‬ :: Select ‘Menu’ button of Google Chrome, then select “New_Incognito_Window”.
‪#‎Mozilla_firefox :: Select the Mozilla firefox button, then select “ Start_Private_Browsing ”

Threats and Attack (RFC 2828) ∷

Threats and Attack (RFC 2828)

Threats A potential violation of security, which exists when there is a circumstance capability, action or event  that could break security and harm. A threat is a possible danger that might exploit vulunerability.

Attacks Attacks is an assault on system security, that devices form an intelligent threat, that is an intelligent attack that is a deliberate (planned) attempt to evade the security services and violate the security policy of the system.

OSI Security Architecture::

The OSI (Operating System Interface) Security Architecture provides a systematic framework for defining security attacks, mechanisms and services. Security attacks are classified as either passive attack, which include unauthorized reading of files and traffic analysis and active attacks, such as modification of messages or files and denial of service.

Security Mechanism :: Security Mechanism is any process (or a device incorporating such a process) that is designed to detect, present or recover from security attack. Examples, of mechanisms are encryption, algorithms, digital signatures and arithmetical protocols. Security services include the authentication, access control, data confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation  and availability.

OSI Security Architecture ::

The OSI security architecture is useful to managers as an away of organizing the task of providing security. Because, this security architecture was developed as an international standard, computer & communication vendors have developed the security features for their products and services that relate to this structured.