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Paper Generation to AI Generation

Can you remember the times when everything was recorded by paper? It’s so long ago now that the current generation growing up probably doesn’t have the first clue that this ever happened !

Computers have gone viral in more ways than one, and they are now responsible for more tasks than we ever dreamed of. The chances are that this technological advancement will continue into the future, and who knows what will be down to IT in the days to come. Future generation will be AI Generation, name as Artificial Intelligence Generation. But, this is not good always. This should be affect on the human brain and learning system of the youth, young people, and rest of the world.

Holy Eid e Milad un-NABi

Happy Holy Eid-e-Milad-un-NABi..
On this day world’s Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) born in the earth.
On this day in 570, the 12th of Rabiul Awal of the Hijri calendar, marking the birth and demise of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

This day, Allaah accept Dua of the muslim people, however anyone pray to Allaah.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Makkah of Saudi Arabia with divine blessings and messages of peace for mankind. He also passed away on the same day.

world male day : বিশ্ব পুরুষ দিবস

প্রতি বছর ১৯শে নভেম্বর হল – বিশ্ব পুরুষ দিবস
কিন্তু আশ্চর্য হলেও, সত্যি কোন প্রতিষ্ঠান পত্রিকাতে কোন বিজ্ঞাপন দেয় না। বলে না দাড়িতে কোন শ্যাম্পু মাখা দরকার…হা হা হা

সংসারের জন্য পুরুষ যে কাজ করে , আয় করে তার কোন স্বীকৃতি দিল না।

মাসের বিশেষ দিনগুলিতে কোন ভিটামিন খেতে বলল না। (এটা একটা সার্কাস্টিক মন্তব্য, আক্ষরিক অর্থে নেবার দরকার নাই)

বয়স্ক পুরুষদের বয়সজনিত অসুখ যেমন, প্রোস্টেট ও কোলন ক্যান্সার নিয়ে কোন কথা হলো না।

পৃথিবীতে পুরুষ জন্মায় না….
তাদের শরীর ও মনের কোন সমস্যা নাই।

সব পুরুষ সুপারম্যান….

আজকে বিশ্ব টয়লেট দিবসও বটে … পুরুষ আর টয়লেট .. একসাথে

যদি এই কাজ নারী দিবসের সাথে করা হতো …. কল্পনা করেন কি হতো ….

Realtime Web filtering Online Security Extension make Secure Web Surfing

Real-time web filtering Comodo Online Security extension for Browser Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla firefox which protects you online by instantly blocking harmful and phishing websites.
Real-time web filtering Comodo Online Security extension make protects you online.

  • Instantly blocks dangerous and fraudulent websites
  • Works with incognito, private and normal browsing modes
  • Takes seconds to download and install
  • No impact on browsing speed
  • Blocks different harmful websites which may have been missed by in-browser web filters

Antivirus and Internet Security: Difference of Function

Antivirus (AV) software provides a basic level of protection for your system,. However, Internet Security expands on capabilities such as scanning files and software, activity monitoring and vulnerability search with features tailored for Internet use.

Indeed, many Internet Security products are marketed as ‘suites’ because they contain several different programs that can be accessed by a single interface. These might include a firewall, anti-spam controls, ad blockers, webcam protection, keylogger protection, parental controls and credit card safeguards.

There might also be additional protection against web-specific types of malware such as spyware and adware.

5G : 5th Generation or 5G Technology Will Save Time

5th Generation or 5G Technology will deliver faster speeds and lower latency.
With 5G technology, movie downloads will decrease from 7 minutes to just 6 seconds. People will save 2 minutes and 20 seconds a day waiting for social media content to load, 7 minutes when downloading an HD movie, nearly 7 hours on large game downloads.

5G is like having high-powered Wi-Fi routers dispersed all over the city to function as the network nodes. So, your internet provider’s network will function more like your home network, but much faster.”

5G nodes can’t cover the same area as a cell tower but will transmit data at higher speeds. To make up for the reduced coverage area, companies will need to install more 5G nodes.