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Business Intelligence Tool

Business Intelligence Tool – BI tools essentially derive information from data. Since, enterprise data come in huge volumes, BI tools are used to get proper and timely insights from the data.

Using a BI tool requires multiple layers of interactions. For business executives to get information out of enterprise data, they need to go through IT people to place a request. The IT guys can take multiple days to comply with the requests and still deliver irrelevant information. Using a regular BI tool also requires technical programming language knowledge.

Data situation in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is slowly heading towards automation. Once automation is fully complete, they can make the best out of data-driven decisions. There are a few companies that have digitalised themselves already.

But, the culture in our country is to make executive decisions based on intuition and experience, which is obviously not going to change overnight. BI has immense potential in the business process and can be a groundbreaking solution for handling data.

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