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Zigbee | IEEE 802.1.5 | IEEE Standard 802.15.2012

A second personal area network standardized by the IEEE is the 802.14.5 standard [IEEE 802.15 2012] known as Zigbee. While Bluetooth networks provide a “cable replacement” data rate of over a Megabit per second, Zigbee is targeted at lower powered, lower-data-rate, lower-duty-cycle applications than Bluetooth. bluetooth_street_small



For example, home temperature and light sensors, security devices, and wall mounted switches are all very simple, low-power, low-duty-cycle, low-cost devices.
Zigbee is thus well-suited for these devices. Zigbee defines channel rates of 20, 40, 100, and 250 Kbps, depending on the channel frequency.


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