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Microsoft Asia launched its Malware Infection Index 2016

Absolutely, it should make obstacle to develop digital Bangladesh, if the Government cannot maintain as well as develop the security system of the Internet Gateway System of Bangladesh. Then hackers should be easily hacked many websites.

13412948_1126320390761724_2472809649983622035_nOn the last June 7, 2016 Microsoft Asia launched its Malware Infection Index 2016, which has found that Bangladesh is among the top three vulnerable countries at risk of malware threats.

Out of the top five locations across the globe most at risk of infection, a total of four are from the Asia-Pacific — Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal, topping the rankings at first, second, third and fourth places respectively in terms of computers encountering malware.

These malware can steal users’ personal information, download more malware, or give a malicious hacker access to the PC. The findings are based on data from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) and the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv20).


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