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Voice Control and its Audio Signal Processing in Flexible Manufacturing Cell


In this paper conclude on Voice Control and its Audio Signal Processing in Flexible Manufacturing Cell, which is an advanced idea for the voice development platform of Microsoft Speech SDK, speech recognition and speech synthesis term. I had some limitation but I like to do work on this topic, because I was interested to achieve major information on voice control, audio signal processing and wants to know how these work in the Flexible Manufacturing cell. Finally, I achieved reliable idea on speech recognition system. Also, I would like to give thanks to my coordinator for provide and give best cooperation for chosing this term. Copyright © 2014


Speech detection is a smart new technology to make machines convert voice signals into proper texts or commands through recognition and understanding of the process. Recently, Microsoft provides mature voice technology worldwide and has speech engine and corresponding development kit.Voice interaction element is built to apply speech recognition and speech synthesis to flexible manufacturing unit. A voice remote control system for intelligent flexible manufacturing cell is designed and implemented.

Microsoft has also developed system speech recognition based on .net class library, which has the main achievement of Windows desktop operating speech recognition. It can also be able to realize simple voice secondary development based on the Windows API of WIN7 system. The system can effectively improve the detection rate in noisy environments. But, that is not easy to achieve expected results considering the complexity of development process and higher requirements on the developers.

In the real environment, it is impossible to capture pure speech signals which makes audio signal preprocessing essential. And the endpoint detection is relatively important which directly influences speech recognition results.

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