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Razer Gaming Keyboard


Just think a minute when I look this Razer brand Keyboard recently came in our Bangladesh.

Last years, I saw this Razer Keyboard at Malaysia ICT market.

Keyboard technology is going so fast, that I astonished to see the Razer keyboard. Actually, Razer Keyboard is definitely different from others; not like as normal keyboard.  You will astonish to see the Razer Black keyboard. Actually, Razer Gaming Keyboard is definitely different, standard design, more flexible than other keyboard; it’s not like as normal keyboard. 

On this Razer Keyboard control right to your fingertips, Additional macro keys, On-the-fly macro recording, Switchblade User Interface, ten Dynamic Adaptive Tactile Keys and a Multi-touch LCD Track-panel, such as google, Gmail and different integrated Apps tab.

Absolutely, in Bangladesh, market price cost is very high-class – may be start from 2,500 BDT – 9,500 BDT or 100 dollar



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