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SwinBurne University of Technology, Sarawak Diary ||

183798_170869432960538_1132937_nSwinburne University Of Technology, Sarawak Diary ||

After finishing my all difficult works, finally I got shine, sparkle & filling my dream and got a great opportunity to higher study in a reputed Australian University Swinburne University Of Technology. Moreover, a long history in my life. In my life, I had a dream to achieve a world class international degree from an international ranking University, that’s finally Allah was completely filled-up.

In the last 02 September, 2012 is too much important day in my life. On this day, at night 1st, I was travelling to any foreign country for achieving foreign degree. On the last 1st September, 2012, I was doing my office, finally and close my small software firm Softdata Archive Lab.  On the last September 2, 2012, from the morning day, I was busy with my works such as some banking works, take the Dollar, check my Air ticket then I went to home at 2.30 PM. Then I was taken rest & feeling fresh. At 5 PM. I was prepared to go to Airport Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In time, my home environment was being too much silence and everyone was calm and quiet. but I’m feeling too much enjoy & cheers. My grandmother was crying in that time.  

I took sit on our personal car, then our driver started the car & go forward to the Airport. On that time my cousin Sadat sends me a text message in At night  7 pm., I was reached in the airport and I’m  waiting to take my boarding card. Finally, my mom & father, Uncle were staying with me & they gave me thanks to achieving a great win. Then, I was taken my boarding card & passing card from the immigration centre and waiting for the Boeing of the Malaysian Airlines. I got my boarding card after 3o minutes. 


Again, I met with my family and this was finally met with my family & Uncle in my life. Then again, I’m leaving from that place and entered in Bowing. On the last night, September 5, 2012, at 1.30 am. my dream was flying and the bowing was flying in the sky. That’s time, I’m feeling my father & family & my uncle. In addition, I’m feeling too much  someone, who is drew & spread a new colour in my life. but I don’t know, I couldn’t say to him. but I can realize, I’m falling in her love. I don’t know, ever I could meet with him in future.  

Thanks to my God, finally God was filled up my dream. Also, I would like to give thanks to my family, my father & uncle, who is always giving a  best co-operation.

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