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In this new generation world, International Telecommunication Union [IT U] research that there are 530 Core cell phone User in the world. This small device CELL Phone easy our life. But more person not know, who is the creator of this CELL Phone?  at first cell phone create Martin Cooper. In 1950, Martin Cooper earns the Electrical Engineering Degree from the Eleneos Institute of Technology.

How get idea to create this Cell Phone ::

When Cooper was doing service in Motorola, Personal Communication Department, then he was saw talk in telephone by wire. That time he was thought how to remove the wire from his telephone system. Also, on that time, he was doing start to research, how should do use the wireless technology. In the same time, United States of American top listed Technology Company AT&T was created a radio telephone system “ CAR  TELEPHONE. ” but that time AT&T’s CAR TELEPHONE fail to get customer satisfaction & COOPER’s “Handheld Mobile Phone” get more satisfaction & spread in local & International market.

Cooper all time says to new generation does something “Out Of The Box”. Also he says do more research for create something & give more importance on the research. Cooper say maximum institutions, organizations do research in limited time but that is not helpful to develop for that organization. He all time say to everybody that the Research best place is University, because in the University have many opportunity to do research on different subject. In the University time is the best real time to do research. That’s why in the student life, New Generation should do more research. Also, Martin Cooper is the Icon of technology world. Onetime a person ask a question to Martin Cooper how should be get success.

Then Martin Cooper say in a word “ Go forward, don’t fear to fail ”    

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  1. bale ghu

    nice one


    February 27, 2012 at 2:30 am

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