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Pen-Drive or flash Drive could do work as Virtual Memory

Some PC user cannot buy powerful RAM for the high cost. But if that users have any 2 GB or up to 2GB flash Disk, they can use their Flash disk as like Virtual Memory.

For, get this occasion; at first connect your flash Disk to PC or Computer. Now go to the properties of My Computer or Computer.

Then go to this option :

  • Advanced/Performance/Settings/Advanced/Change option
  • select the Flash Disk from the Menu of Drive (Volume Label).
  • Then choose the Custom Size, go to Initial Size & Maximize Size Box.
  • In this Initial Size & Maximize Size Box write the value size of Flash Disk, which is use as like RAM or Virtual Memory.  But must this is remember, moreover 5 Megabyte (MB) space stay free for windows. That’s why User must should be stay space 5-10MB for Flash disk.
  • Then Users select Apply / OK & restart the PC. Now The Flash Disk work as like RAM.

All category Operating System of Windows Use Two (2) type Memory for work, such One is Physical Memory and Second is Virtual Memory. Virtual Memory all-time stay in Hard Drive. In this Topic, just give short note how Use The Pen Drive or flash Disk as like Virtual Memory.


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