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Bangladesh Govt. Close Facebook

oh! oh! oh!…

have a sad news that Today 29th May, 2010 at evening Bangladesh Government temporary close The Facebook. In Facebook, Bangladesh Government found some violation & some illegal information of the Important VIP person of Bangladesh, also A boy publish Bangladesh Prime Minister’s some critical & worst picture in Facebook then BD Government temporary close this Great Communication Site :: Facebook. also Bangladeshi Police & Detective team arrested that person ho do this worst work.

I think that Bangladesh Government do correct & Great work by arrested that Person & also thanks to Government for take some necessary step & draw some rules or act who do this worst & bad activities. also this is the red signal & great alert for that people, who publish violation & harmful picture.

Thanks To BD Government For take this action…

but in this Digital world, Bangladesh Government Super IT Specialist show their non-responsibility & inexpert by take their this action. bcoz, BD Government all time take more expert IT specialist & more great IT specialist person do the job in the BTRC. but these Government IT specialist cannot close that worst link in facebook without close the Facebook. they also do send the notice to Facebook team to close that worst link. but they are failed & busted. they prove that Bangladesh Govt. IT Specialist is Great Inexpert & no knowledge about on IT…….

finally, I hope that Bangladesh Government as soon as possible Open the Facebook & give more facility on IT site in Bangladesh.


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